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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 24, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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want to open anything and don't want to give people the message it's safe down here.>> reporter: the warnings to stay off the river are forcing some visitors to find a plan b.>> we came here for floating down the river so i don't know i guess we have two hang out in town.>> reporter: the holiday weekend closure has the community looking to recover from damaging floods in february. some hotels have not opened yet but the raging river has its upside in the long-term.>> is going to be great all summer. the reservoirs are full so we are looking forward to a great summer.>> reporter: many businesses believe the russian river will be safe again for boating and swimming by next weekend. taking a life look at the conditions on the road, you can see it is slow-moving on the freeway, looking at heavy traffic heading north there towards berkeley in the richmond area, traffic on the
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other side is much smoother at this point. >> and northbound you can see the headlights facing the camera, if you're going in the opposite direction southbound. more than 100,000 fans are expected to spend this weekend at the baccarat music festival which kicks off today in napa. headliners include imagine dragons, santana, mumford and sons and neil young. paul chambers previews all the festivities and also includes a porta potty. >> reporter: music is the answer at the bottlerock festival. people from all over napa came to enjoy the three-day festival in its seventh year and according to people we spoke with there are numerous reasons to show up>> i love like music
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we do a mixed. >> it's always a good lineup. the food is really good. >> the wine for sure. the food is amazing i was really excited about the curry.>> reporter: food, music wine and beer. they have you covered. especially this couple that's been a part of the festival from the beginning. one place you have to hit up is the food area. we went behind the scenes were all the tasty items like these ribs are being prepared but one of my favorite places is the porta potty. you can see it is not a potty but a party full of people which is what this weekend is all about.>> it's all beer you have to be. careful. wine is a dangerous drink to have all day long.>> it is an
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experience.>> they expect more than 120,000 people over the weekend. it's sold out. >> if you don't want to drive to bottle rock transit is offering free shuttle rides including express shuttles to and from the bart station. this is the third year they have offered the free service to concertgoers and for more information and schedules go to our website and click on web links. the police raid in san francisco involving a freelance journalist obtained a copy of the police report on the desk of the public defender jeff adachi. l scott said he will launch an independent investigation into the raid at the request of the mayor. police searched the home and office of brian carmody two weeks ago seizing computers and cameras. in an interview he told the
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chronicle he is close sorry this happened and acknowledged it was likely in illegal. in a statement he says i'm specifically concerned by a lack of due diligence by department investigators in seeking search warrants and addressing his status as a member of the news media.>> police in san francisco searching for a gunman following an afternoon shooting. the scene of that shooting has a busy intersection reopened to traffic. 2 men were gravely injured. >> reporter: officers said when they arrived they found two men. >> victims were rushed to the hospital in life-threatening conditions. the suspect had fled the scene.
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>> the other guy was not moving at all.>> moments before the shooting there was a loud argument. >> my friends said they saw the incident earlier this guy was threatening to shoot the person. >> reporter: police are not offering lots of details about the shooter but they are canvassing the neighborhood and talking with witnesses, scouring the area for video surveillance that might have been rolling at the time of the body ing. more tonight about believed to be his was found on the monterey street. the man's daughter and son-in- law are now in custody in
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virginia after being detained in beijing china. ktvu spoke with the stranger and told us he's in contact with the authority. president donald trump granted william barr the authorization to -- this comes as he added fuel to his feud with the house speaker.>> the president might be heading to japan but it's clear that he still has nancy pelosi on his mind.>> did you hear what you said about me long before i went after her? she made horrible statements.>> reporter: continuing to blast the speaker of the house questioning her motives as he departs washington. >> all they want to do is
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investigate.>> reporter: the speaker did not address the back and forth at an educational event in pennsylvania this morning but one member tells us that both sides need to be focusing on working for the american people.>> finally passing an infrastructure bill you have to put the well-being of the people first in this country and do what it takes to deliver results to them.>> reporter: the president is defending allowing barr to declassify information related to the investigation. he says it's not payback. >> people are going to continue to stonewall. i think it's a great thing.>>
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reporter: he hopes any declassification will be nice but added that perhaps it won't. the governor of missouri signed a bill today that would ban abortions past the eighth week of pregnancy and it does not include any exceptions for cases of rape or incest. doctors could face 5 to 4 years in prison. the law is set to take effect on august 28. a legal challenge as expected. the aclu and planned parenthood asked a federal judge to block a law in alabama that would ban most abortions to the state. the lawsuit says criminalizing abortion is unconstitutional. the law makes performing an abortion a felony and those who do terminate a pregnancy could face up to 99 years or life in prison. the only exception would be if the woman's health is at
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serious risk. a federal judge temporarily blocked a mississippi law that would ban most abortions at around six weeks once a fetal heart beat is detected. the order stops law from taking effect on july 1. georgia, kentucky, louisiana and ohio have all enacted or are those two approving similar measures. the trumpet ministration is discussing a rollback of transgender protections and it is sparking strong reactions in the bay area.>> some call it a gaping hole in security, when councilmember calls for metal detectors at city hall. the holiday weekend is underway, maybe a sprinkle or so in the next few days i will talk about it next.
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teachers in union city and south hayward were back on the picket lines today for day five of their strike and talks are underway right now between the teachers union and the unified school district. the teachers are pushing for a 10% raise over two years while the school districts last offer was a 1% raise along with a 3% bonus. late this afternoon a union representative stepped out of negotiations to update teachers on their progress.
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>> we are hopeful.>> teachers in the new haven school district are among the highest paid making $96,000 annually on average but they say they have to pay for their own health care coverage which can cost $20,000 per year. in the south bay students walked out of class today to raise awareness about climate change. they say they want lawmakers to cut off support for the fossil fuel industry and instead invest in policies to combat climate change. students and in nearly 100 countries also locked out of schools.>> clement change is an existential threat and we are the young people that this is an issue that were going to have to deal with. it is our future at stake.>>
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several dozen students joined the march. a san jose city councilmember is proposing installing metal detectors at city hall. it's in response to a protest against the sale of properties for. some protesters revealed a gaping hole in security. residents would rather see the monies for public safety than at city hall. the holiday weekend is coming up. here is high-pressure going this way and here is low- pressure going this way. this is where it is below average, we are seeing temperatures in the east coast in memphis and atlanta in the 90s above average and in between the warm and cold air
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torn attic whether and the potential for big thunderstorms and tornadoes. i point this out because here comes the pattern it's not moving. these guys get into severe weather and we stay below average, right through the bay area weekend into next week that is the big pattern. the story for us right now below average temperatures and in the unsettled thunderstorms around the clearlake area, this guy right here the cluster of storms you will see the movement of this. you will see which way it's going. a lot of this is coming out.
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look at the trajectory of that. if you get a stray shower out in the fairfield area below average temperatures this weekend unsettled weather and sunday there is a chance for showers. more than 1000 democratic presidential candidates are expected in the bay area next week for the california democratic party convention. elizabeth warren is scheduled to hold a town hall meeting next friday night, set to take place at laney college before addressing the convention saturday in san francisco. bernie sanders is headlining a rally one week from tomorrow to address the convention following the next day. joe biden has not said whether he will attend.
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the british prime minister has announced a plan to step down in two weeks and the move leaves the face of brexit negotiations in question. >> the british prime minister is on her way out. >> i feel badly for teresa for the good of her country but i like her very much in fact i will be seeing her in two weeks.>> reporter: a state visit is planned, and which time the prime minister will be in a lame duck interval where she waits for the party to elect a new leader. >> it will be for my successor to seek a way forward that honors the results of the referendum. >> reporter: the parliament rejected her negotiation exit plan.
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in france at least seven people were injured during explosion today south of paris, authorities said the blast went off in a busy shopping area. they're still trying to confirm reports that it was a package
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bomb. the french president told the public it was an attack. the cause of the blast is under investigation. a bay area teacher with her own limited edition jordans.>> look at this. this is unbelievable it's an honor.>> we will explain how teachers have become a way to connect with the students. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.
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and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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the most iconic speakers in the world today a new version was unveiled in the south bay. this you honors a san jose teacher who uses sneakers to connect with and inspire the kids.>> reporter: the hype surrounding the unveiling of the newest sneakers would have been fit for any. but gina is no athlete. a beloved teacher in san jose, also what's known as a
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collector of cool kicks. >> i had to find me an urban dictionary.>> reporter: the shoes let the conversation led to connections with her students. >> with her getting old and still wearing shoes kids want to talk to her.>> the kids were not the only ones to take notice. they saw her instagram page and her 6000 followers, then they went with an idea to create a shoe in her honor. jordan had not done anything like it before. so they collaborated trading the spark.>> she's a cool
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teaser, not an athlete or a celebrity, someone in our community helping our community. it means a lot to us.>> it means a lot to gina as well. she hopes whoever wears will do it in support of education. >> reporter: at the elementary school they already believe in this. >> this is unbelievable. it's an honor.>> reporter: part of the proceeds come back here for things like a new library and these new basketball courts. a real labor of love. a bay area company donated a fuller system to the list part free school. the system was unveiled today. the owner says the $20,000
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solar array will offset 92% of the schools power. the owner lives just down the street from the school on california drive.>> my kids went to school here and they have a green program. the talk about the environment and climate change so it's really nice to be able to do this for the community. we can reduce our carbon footprint and help prevent climate change by doing such things as going solar and using renewable energy when we can.>> he says it can save as much as $100,000 of energy cost.
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man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet.
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police are searching for a gunman following a shooting this afternoon in san francisco. two men were injured at the busy intersection of sixth and mission street at about: 37. police have not released a description of the suspect. people might be surprised that many popular beaches along the russian river are closed water levels are running high and the currents are considered dangerous. the region is still recovering from bad flooding earlier this year. president donald trump allowed william barr to declassify information related to the origins of the russian investigation. he claimed his campaign was both spied on by intelligence agencies. the investigation concluded the rush interfered in the 2016
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residential election but did not determine that the trump campaign conspired with russia. the trumpet misprision is proposing a rollback of obama era medical patients and health insurance customers. >> the health and human services department would no longer recognize gender identity as an avenue for sex determination. we have the strong reactions here in the bay area. >> reporter: donna is upset and disappointed after hearing the trump administration is proposing a rollback on safeguards for transgender people when it comes to healthcare. >> i think we are on a journey now with this current administration to remove the rights of not only transgender is but across the board.>>
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reporter: gender identity is not protected under federal law. they said the new rule would designate a person be identified by their gender at birth. the trumpet ministration says the proposal is a way of making health regulations conform to the law. opponents disagree.>> people are protected from discrimination. this rule will embolden doctors to illegally deny care>> reporter: the proposal is another attack on transgender people they say, the regulation would reverse the provision of the affordable care act that protected transgender people seeking healthcare services.>> the reality is we should all be able to go to the doctors to go to an emergency room if we need help. if i want to go for a flu shot
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orx-ray all of that would be impacted>> the proposal she believes is an attempt to whittle away the progress made by the lgbt q community. >> i think this current administration wants to have things be as if they were 50 years ago.>> there is a 60 day period were the public can submit comments. if it is going to move forward is expected to be challenged in court. new details on the san francisco police officer facing sentencing next week for robbing two banks. the officer spent 18 years on the force.>> reporter: a difficult childhood while growing up in the sunset district but he persevered and probably served almost 18 years as a san francisco police officer but now authorities say
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he is a convicted felon after he pleaded guilty to robbing two banks in the city. next week he could be sentenced to more than three years in federal prison. his mother says the sons downfall is because of an opioid addiction.>> he was not a bank robber until he was an oxycontin attic. it's a whole bunch of normal- looking people that got a prescription at the doctor's office. his life started to taint and spiral down this hill and he ended up losing everything he lost his life in his career and everything. >> reporter: is a pd began investigating a group of officers for allegedly sending racist text messages. he was desperate for money to supply his habit. the week after thanksgiving he walked into this bank in the sunset district. he escaped with just over 90
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thousand dollars after handing a teller a note saying calm down just do it. two weeks later he robbed a cafe bank for about $1500. in a sentencing memo prosecutors wrote as someone who has worked for the victims of violent crime and knows the workings of the system inside and out he was in a better position than most to understand the impact of his conduct on the bank tellers. his mother says her son must pay the consequences for his actions.>> i love my son and i'm just a very attached letter.>> reporter: he faces several charges accused of stealing $24,000 from an elderly neighbor with dementia. he is still on unpaid leave from the sf pd. police are investigating a death of a man that died in the hospital on wednesday after suffering injuries last sunday.
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the man's name has not been released corner is working to determine the exact cause of death. for now there's no word on suspects and police say for now they are treating the case as a suspicious death.>> reporter: friends and family are remembering a 14-year-old stabbed to death found dead in her own back in 1994. the case has never been solved but now her family is holding a memorial service at the castro valley library and following the ceremony there will be a candlelight walk from downtown castro valley. hundreds of american troops are gearing up and going to the middle east, why officials say they are sending more of them. beat shazam starts at eight followed by another episode of celebrity showdown at nine and then of course tune into the 10 and 11
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a clock news right here.
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today the pentagon sent about 1500 more u.s. troops to the persian gulf in response to what is being called aggression from iran. this comes as the trump administration is moving ahead with the sale of 1 million $11 billion to saudi
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arabia. this firepower includes the air force fighter squadron. and to send a message to iran. pentagon leaders call it a very active threat. roughly 1500 more troops will deploy in the coming days, some already in the region.>> we are going to be sending a small number of troops, we will see what happens. it will be about 1500 people.>> a high degree of confidence around the revolutionary guard responsible for planting mines or oil tankers outside the persian gulf this month. they declined to offer proof. senior u.s. defense officials made a move during response to iran's aggressive behavior and not an attempt to provoke them. the democratic house german
6:40 pm
says adding more personnel and mission systems seems unwise and appears to be a blatant and heavy-handed move to further escalate tensions with iran. american forces are not going to iraq or syria. 80,000 members are already deployed to the middle east. roughly 600 additional troops are already in the region. an antiaircraft missile but telling will now be extended and not return home as planned. man's drones and reconnaissance aircraft. the trumpet ministration is expected to bypass congress and rough billions of dollars of weapons to allies. the border wall is facing the first legal test, a federal judge in san francisco has decided to block the white house from spending billions of dollars to
6:41 pm
build a wall with money from the presidents declaration of a national emergency. the judge looked at two cases that challenge the move to mostly redirect military funds for wall construction. california 19 other states are seeking a temporary injunction to stop the walls from being built. the holiday weekend is upon us, scattered showers are in the forecast. we will pinpoint it for you and let you know how the rest of the weekend goes. let's take a look at some of the stories were working on for the 7:00 news. several people are heard following an explosion in a busy shopping area south of paris. what investigators are saying about tonight blast. fans of the nba sacramento kings expect a big change during halftime. by the dancers that have entertained kings fans for years are now being told they're being replaced.
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this years commercial salmon season is off to a good start. the federation of fishermen
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association says this years rainy weather has left high river flows and a successful migration of salmon. many people will be heading to lakes and rivers this long holiday weekend. rescue teams are reminding visitors to be safe. water levels are high because of rain and reservoir releases. authorities say the water might look like it's going slow but it could be fast-moving and dangerously cold as well.>> lots of people don't realize until they get into the water and hypothermia sets in fairly soon. we want to make sure they were there lifejackets.>> law enforcement will have extra boating units working and medics will be on every corner. now that we had into the memorial day weekend, our chief neurologist is here.>>
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did you call each other and address that? the monday has the potential for wet weather, just a little bit. it looks like it's going to be dry, you will not have to cancel your plans but you will want to be prepared with maybe an umbrella. just somewhere few minutes. they should not be going off the whole day. thing is good change, we have some stuff lake county and that activity is
6:47 pm
which will potentially weaken this whole stuff. there are the current temperatures. what would you call that color? >> the fog is back at the coast. it will be a player the next couple days. sunday is in question and even then temperatures are going to be in the mid 60s. tomorrow we have mid-sixties to mid and low 70s but then it cools to low 60s.
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there is another model, just a different look at it. tomorrow night you see these clouds go this way, your day tomorrow looks great. these clouds coming and that is the system. on a clock in the morning scattered showers, looks like it's going to be more impactful around the coast i will be back at 10 and we will have new models to update quite a bit.
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this memorial day marks 82 years since the opening of the building gate bridge. can you believe that? the world famous landmark opened on may 27 of 1937. people started walking along the bridge on that day while cars began to cross over the bridge the next day. it has been 32 years, so many people walked across that day that it actually flatten out. more than a dozen couples tied the knot at the summit of mount diablo today. the clerk hosted a special day of destination weddings offering ceremonies for just $60 per couple. the ceremonies were performed on a platform with a spectacular view of the bay
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area.>> last year it was cloudy and we were telling people they're getting married in the clouds. this year it is beautiful. a little bit of bugs but nothing is stinging anybody. so we are good >> there was a $86 fee for a marriage license, this is the second year the county clerk has held wedding ceremonies here. give me a racquet
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and watch me go. because i won't come back the same. sometimes i'll come back with scratches and scrapes. or with stories of great shots and close shaves. of wins for the history books and of loses i'll never forget. but watch me smile, say good game and put my racquet away for now, but not for good. because i'll have seen what i can do. and i know greatness greatness greatness is waiting. sign up with net generation,
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official youth tennis of the usta.
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warriors fans have been trying to get their dose of the warriors somehow someway and we are getting something from kevin durant.>> a long stretch right now. kevin durant still has managed to dominate discussion across the nba landscape. he strained his calf back on may 8. the timetable for his
6:54 pm
return has been murky since the injury and it remains as such. word yesterday was he will not be ready for the start of the finals. after that were not sure. today he spoke for the first time about his status. >> it's out of my hands and out of my control. now my task is to try to conquer this and that is the journey we have as basketball players. i'm pretty much down for anything but i'm excited i'm making progress.>> and then there's the more caustic storyline which is the mounting speculation among fans and media that the warriors just might be a better team without him. on the surface that's crazy but he looked good. stuff. rest that notion today as well.
6:55 pm
>> we amplify even more. we are a great team. everybody goes out and competes at a high level. we look out for each other. >> i know what i bring to the team and i also know a lot of people on the outside don't like to see us together. i get it. >> carlson is among the high- profile free agents. he wasn't lost their all-star but this much of the second half with a groin injury affected him right to the playoffs. carlson tweeted what sounded like a farewell today making
6:56 pm
the organization fans and teammates, saving the entire bay area has been nothing but classy and respectful to me and my family. >> he was in and used to our group. unfortunately we did not have them for very long. >> whatever happens is going to happen for a reason. >> two weeks from today the games begin. the women's soccer world cup will grab worldwide headlines for the better part of june and some of july. team usa will defend the title from 2015. lloyd capped off an incredible run with a hat trick in the
6:57 pm
final game against japan. possibly the greatest individual performance in a world cup final ever. four years later she's more than ready.>> this is starting to get real. we have not played a game that we need to take care of, it is growing and growing and that's what we love to see. obviously there is positive and negative comments throughout but if people are not talking about us we are not doing our job.>> finally a friday fashion statement check this out. the baseball tournament against lsu offering a new and unique pace on the rally. >> you go down every guy has a different one. 17 innings. how about that?
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